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Puddle of Mudd Frontman Arrested

Puddle of Mudd lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Wes Scantlin, has been arrested at the Denver International Airport for… riding the airport terminal’s baggage carousel, taking him inside a restricted zone. He was immediately...


Rock Dominates US Music Sales in 2014

Pop seems to be less ‘pop’ than the mighty Rock. According to MusicBusinessWorldwide Rock music sales eclipsed that of all other music genres in the US in 2014. In fact, ‘Murica consumed almost twice as...


AC/DC To Rock at Grammy Awards

AC/DC will be playing at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on 8 February 2015. They will be joined on stage by singer Ed Sheeran, pop singer Ariana...


Lynyrd Skynyrd Fact To Blow Your Mind

Every now and then you learn something new. I just did exactly that. It’s quite refreshing. Like a cold shower. How many of you knew the phrase “Turn it up” uttered by Ronnie Van Zant...