Author: Billy de Lange


LIVE Is Coming To South Africa

Iconic American multi-platinum selling rock band LIVE will be, well, live in South Africa this coming November. The band has faced much turmoil in it’s past, with internal fighting causing the band’s front man Ed Kowalczyk...

Chris Cornell 0

Chris Cornell has passed away

We never thought this day would come. Perhaps we perceive all major rock stars as immortal and invincible. But today it is a reality, we have lost one of the greatest, most talented rock...


Our Last Night Coming To South Africa

If you would like to know the definition of “regret”, then miss this opportunity. Our Last Night is a post-hardcore rock band from New Hampshire, USA. They formed in 2007 when the band’s members...


The Lumineers are Coming To South Africa

The Lumineers are coming to South Africa in 2017. Most famous for their song Ho Hey (a song in which they say hello to a prostitute), as well as Stubborn Love, the trio has...